First Impressions of 1-2-Switch


Nintendo have always been somewhat eccentric to say the least when it comes to some of the games they make. However, I think 1-2-Switch may be their most ambitious entry since Wario Ware.

1-2-Switch fully utilizes the new Joy Con controllers. Letting players experience different ways of using the new controllers whilst highlighting their newest feature HD Rumble. Nintendo had first showed this off during the Switch reveal conference where they highlighted being able to realistically feel a different number of ice cubes shaking in a glass due to the precision of the HD Rumble. The game that demonstrates this the best is Ball Counting. Here you are given a set amount of time to twist, shake, tilt and turn the Joy Con to feel and try to guess how many balls there are in the box. Much to my surprise this actually works remarkably well, as you tilt and shake the box it honestly does feels like there little balls shaking around inside your controller. The HD Rumble offers some really unique game play features and I’m incredibly excited to see how Nintendo utilities this new technology in future games.

I had played and seen a majority of the 28 mini games 1-2-Switch has to offer and I really did have a great time. The way the game encourages you to always keep eye contact with your opposing player really adds to the overall enjoyment. Players rely on audio cues and the HD Rumble within the Joy Con to play each game and from my experience they were all really enjoyable. One game that stood out for me was Table Tennis. You have to purely rely on audio cues to rally with your opponent and you can mix up your shots using the Joy Con triggers. I got a great amount of satisfaction when I was able to return my opponents more aggressive shots by relying on my own reaction time whilst paying close attention to the audio cues. Now I will be honest, playing 1-2-Switch feels awkward, embarrassing and you can’t help but feel silly during some of the games, so it may be worth making sure you’re playing with people you’re comfortable around.


While playing 1-2-Switch you have the choice to play any of the 28 games in Free Play or you can get a few friends together and face off in a Team Battle. This is honestly where 1-2-Switch excels the most. You have to work your way around the board to get to the finish first, however each of the spaces represents one of the 28 mini games. If a member of your team wins a round then you get to spin the wheel to progress around the board. I will admit you’re sometimes at the mercy of the spinner, as later in the game there are skulls that make you pass the spinner to your opponents should you land on them. I personally feel like the Team Battle was great at getting everyone involved and I definitely had the most fun playing this game mode.

Overall I think 1-2-Switch was a great introduction to the Nintendo Switch and I was pleasantly surprised by just how well the HD Rumble works with the Joy Con. However with the lack of a single player mode and the fact that after a while, I can see some of the games getting stale, I do agree with the majority and think this game should have been a pack-in with the console. Nonetheless I did thoroughly enjoy this game and I definitely think it’s something every Switch owner should have, just maybe when it comes down in price a little more.


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